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From March 23rd to April 14th, the ‘Future Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Options’ seminar took place

From March 23rd to April 14th, the ‘Future Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Options’ seminar took place


These seminars, because they are regional, were separated in four sessions, in order to cover the whole country: Lisbon and Tagus Vale, South, North and Center. These seminars were held in Lisbon, Évora, Oporto and Coimbra, and gathered the municipal technicians of every (26) beneficiary municipality (see list here). Vila Franca do Campo (Azores) municipality was in the Lisbon and Tagus Vale session and Funchal Municipality (Madeira) was in the South seminar.

Each session lasted for two days. On the first day the municipalities’ technicians presented the work done so far, summarizing the current vulnerabilities in their municipality, as well as the main challenges they faced while working. After the coffee break Professor Filipe Duarte Santos, Project coordinator and Climate Change expert (FCUL – Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University) made a presentation about the global and national climatic scenarios, thus creating context for this seminar’s theme: climatic vulnerabilities in each municipality. This presentation assisted in understanding and identifying the different adaptation options, aiming to reduce the exposure or sensibilities to future Climate Changes, as well as learning to take advantages of them. Researchers Luís Dias and Tiago Capela (FCUL) briefly presented the next steps in the ADAM methodology, which will end with the Municipal Adaptation Strategies creation. Researcher Luísa Schmidt (ICS – Social Sciences Institute) presented the survey results, concerning the knowledge about CC, as well as the trainee’s evaluation of all the formative process. It was followed by the intervention of Ana Rita Antunes (Quercus), who presented the functionalities of the website as well as the restricted area, available only to the beneficiary municipalities’ technicians of this project.

On the second day of the seminar, FCUL coordinated a practical exercise, aiming to present a more practical way of identifying and classifying future vulnerabilities. There was also a presentation from the researcher Vera Gregório (FCT) who is developing a tool for the evaluation of risks in the building sector and the population of each zone. Each regional session had different experts, concerning different themes, such as Town Planning (Prof. João Pedro Costa – Faculty of Arquitecture, University of Lisbon), Heat Waves Impact in Health (Dr. Paulo Jorge Nogueira – General Directorate of Health), Biodiversity and Ecosystems’ Systems (Dr Maria João Cruz – FCUL), Land Planning (Prof. João Ferrão – ICS) and Coastal Zones (Prof. Carlos Coelho – Aveiro University).

In addition to emphasize the commitment and dedication of the municipal technicians, these sessions have counted with a strong participation of technicians from other municipalities who decided to take part in the project, afterwards, as well as technicians and decision-makers from the different Regional Development and Coordination Committees.

The next regional seminars, matching the third moment of formation, will be dedicated to Identifying and Selecting Adaptation Options and will take place in June and July of the present year.

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