CEDRU – Center for Studies and Urbana and Regional Development, Lda, is a technical consultancy company in the areas of Land Use Management, Economy, Society and Culture. Spatial Planning, Strategic Planning, Urbanism, Capacitation and Institutional Development, Public Policies Evaluation and European Studies are the main intervention areas trough a quarter of a century of activity. At the same time, applied investigation, teaching and professional formation, as well as the promotion and participation in scientific, technical and cultural meetings, constitute current practices of CEDRU’s intervention philosophy.

WE CONSULTANTS is in national and international markets as a strategic and operational consultancy company, making and accompanying the implementation of studies, projects and programs related to planning, investment, innovation, actives valorization and spatial, sectorial and business opportunities, aiming for sustainable development. WE CONSULTANTS comprises several field activities: planning and managing of spatial interventions, strategic planning and territorial development, urban and public spaces regeneration, investment and financial operations, public and private governance and territorial capacitating.

Quercus is a Portuguese Non-Governmental Organization founded on October 31st, 1985. It is an independent, non partisan, national and nonprofit association, constituted by citizens who came together, united by the same interest in Nature and Natural Resources Conservation and Environmental Defense in general, in a sustainable development perspective. Work in this project is conducted by the Climate Change and Energy Group.

ICS-UL – Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, Associated Laboratory, is a university institution dedicated to investigation and advanced formation in social sciences. ICS’s mission is to study contemporary societies, with special emphasis in the Portuguese reality and in societies and cultures to which we have historic relations, whether on European spaces or other geographic locations.

CENSE – Investigation Center for Sustainability and Environment has the mission of promoting interdisciplinary investigation en sciences and environment engineering, focusing in the interaction between human and ecological systems, aiming to promote sustainable development. CENSE is the investigation branch of a wider organization that includes investigators, students and collaborators of the Sciences and Environmental Engineering Department of Science and Technology Faculty of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. CENSE develops it’s activities through the promotion of investigation projects, outreach initiatives, collaborations with public and private organizations, results dissemination and support for the policies formulation. It’s financing is obtained through national and international investigation programs, as well as other public and private sectors sources.

CESAM (Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies) Associated Laboratory of University of Aveiro, since 2005, has as main mission to develop fundamental research in the Coastal and Marine Environment, understood in an integrated manner involving the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and anthroposphere. CESAM has the primordial goal of developing international investigation, contributing strongly to the formulation and implementation of national policies and European strategies for sustainable development. CESAM includes around 500 researchers, 190 of whom with a PhD degree, and six departments of the University of Aveiro: Environment and Planning, Biology, Civil Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Geosciences;it includes also some members of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisboa. CESAM is organized in four theme lines strategically transversals: Marine Ecossystems and Resources; Environmental Biology and Health; Ecology and Functional Biodiversity and Integrated Environmental Systems.

CIBIO – Açores is an Investigation Group within the Biology Department of Universidade dos Açores and member of CIBIO – Research Cetre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, InBio Associated Laboratory of Universidade do Porto. It develops investigation about biodiversity in insular ecosystems. This general goal is approached in three main areas: Systematics and Evolution; Insular Ecology and Environmental Managing; Spatial Planning and Environmental Planning.

The Almada Municipality is the executive organ of the municipality and has de mission of defining and executing policies to promote and divulge the Municipality’s development in different areas. Within its local development strategy “Almada more sustainable, solidarity and eco friendly”, it has been promoting territorial resilience and integrating adaptation to climate change in different practices, plans and municipal projects.

Cascais Municipality is the executive organ of the municipality and has de mission of defining and executing policies to promote de municipality’s development in different areas. The municipality has been developing work in climate change adaptation, with projects such as the Cascais’ Strategic Plan to face Climate Change (PECAC in Portuguese). These initiatives have been reinforced with the climatic monitoring of the municipality, complementary studies for the adaptation in urban areas and through international partnerships to reinforce the response capacity of local agents.

Sintra’s Municipality is the executive organ of the municipality and has the mission of defining and executing policies to promote the municipality’s development in different areas. The municipality has work done in the field of climate change adaptation, with the elaboration of Strategic Plan of the Municipality of Sintra, concerning Climate Change (PECSAC in portuguese).

cChange is a Norwegian company with high experience in educating and capacitating of vulnerability and climate change adaptation. This company offers services to help understand the potential of change as a deliberate response to climate change. It’s goal is to capacitate individuals and groups with the knowledge, skills and tools to produce sustainable and ethical changes in a changing climate.
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