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ClimAdaPT.Local representado no 3rd Open European Day em Bonna, na Alemanha

O projeto ClimAdaPT.Local foi representado por Luís Dias (cE3c – Centro de Ecologia, Evolução e Alterações Ambientais) e João Dinis (Câmara Municipal de Cascais) em três sessões do 3rd Open European Day, que teve lugar em Bonna (Alemanha) no passado dia 5 de julho. As sessões focaram a generalização da adaptação às alterações climáticas nas…

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Arrozais Bali

Aquecimento global pode provocar 500.000 mortes adicionais até 2050

O aquecimento global pode provocar 500.000 mortes adicionais no mundo em 2050 devido às alterações na alimentação e peso das populações, impulsionada pela queda da produção agrícola, indicou o estudo hoje divulgado. O estudo, divulgado na revista The Lancet, é o primeiro a avaliar o impacto das alterações climáticas na dieta e peso das populações…

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Serra estrela jan

Europe must adapt to cope with climate change, argues EEA report

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published a new analysis outlining the likely impacts of climate change in Europe, and has called on ‘all stakeholders who are involved in any kind of policy, business or service that will be affected by climate change’ to adopt adaptations The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published a new…

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In both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, ice is retreating. Melting water on an icecap is seen in North East Land, Svalbard, Norway. Cotton Coulson/Keenpress

What scientists just discovered in Greenland could be making sea-level rise even worse

Rising global temperatures may be affecting the Greenland ice sheet — and its contribution to sea-level rise — in more serious ways that scientists imagined, a new study finds. Recent changes to the island’s snow and ice cover appear to have affected its ability to store excess water, meaning more melting ice may be running…

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Arctic melting will cost the global economy £33tn by end of next century, scientists calculate

The melting of the Arctic permafrost and the subsequent release of carbon dioxide and methane gas into the atmosphere will alone add an extra $43 trillion (£33tn) cost of climate change to the global economy by the end of the next century, scientists have calculated. This represents a 13 per cent increase on the predicted…

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Fossil fuel industry must ‘implode’ to avoid climate disaster, says top scientist

‘The age of carbon is over’ and a transition to a greener economy is inevitable, says Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, adviser to the German government and Pope Francis. An “induced implosion” of the fossil fuel industry must take place for there to be any chance of avoiding dangerous global warming, according to one of the world’s…

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